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They play like the real thing.

music of expression instruments operate on the same principles as the originals. Valves, keys, and slides work like they should. Tilt, blow, and touch to change octaves, volume, partials, registers. Fully adjustable.  Learn more...

They sound like the real thing.

We recorded real instruments and engineered a "sampling" engine that sounds great. Each instrument has multiple sound sets -- croon like a muted Miles or rock out on bass clarinet like Benny Maupin.  Learn more...

Create new sounds with a visual synth.

Switch on the synth: draw your power spectrum, shape your own sound wave. Add filters. Our visual synth lets you explore how sounds are made.  Learn more...

Record and share performances online.

You think you're good? Record your best and upload it online. Send your Mom your performance via email, IM your friend the link, or embed it your blog.  Learn more...

MIDI! BFFs with Reason, Logic, Garage Band.

Connect with the musicofx midi tool to use your instrument as a performance midi controller. Control Reason, Garage Band, Sonar, Logic, MAX on OS X and Windows.  Learn more...

Oh... and they cost one dollar.

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