Make your iPhone noodle with clarinet.

Play the clarinet on your iphone. Almost every key on the Boehm-system (standard) clarinet is included and appropriately animated, including all the pinky keys. Go from low E to a high E.

There's no octave key on the back of the iPhone so instead you can tilt the iPhone up just like Benny Goodman. Use breath control and our lightning-quick sampling lets you articulate as fast as you can on a real clarinet; or hold it away from you and play only via touch.

clarinet is a great way to learn the principles of the clarinet, and it's a fun way for clarinetists to express themselves on the go. The manual includes a fingering chart, for there are some notes that have multiple fingerings. Just like a real clarinet, after all.

Samples and synths.

In addition to a sampled Bb, A, Eb, and bass clarinet, clarinet includes the Visual Synth. You can combine waves of various shapes to create complex and unexpected timbres. You can sculpt the overtones and see the resulting wave right before your eyes.

Apply the low-pass Filter to take the edge off and some Reverb to add a little echo. Now your clarinet sounds like some kind of Martian flute. Or Pac-man.

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Musicians: hear, hear!

Record your performances and you can play them back, note for note, and even see the slide bounce back and forth as you played. Save your clarinet performances online. Listen to them online, and they sound just like they did on your iPod or iPhone.

You can hear other people's performances too, and see what kind of settings they played with. Embed your performance in your blog, send it to your grandma, or just vote it up and work on becoming the world's best clarinetist.

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The Hook-up: MIDI

The musicofx midi tool connects with your iPhone or iPod through your wireless network. We have a Windows and a Mac version, so everyone can join in the fun. Connect up to 8 musicofx instruments on a network and jam away with the hardware and software synths in your studio.

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