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The music of expression midi tool connects your instrument to your music studio. Virtually every computer sequencer and synth supports MIDI input and control -- and therefore supports our instruments. Extend musicofx instruments with the musicofx midi tool.

We'll be posting demonstration videos and more comprehensive docs shortly -- in the mean time, good luck, and refer to your application's MIDI documentation for extra help.

First demo video of the OS X musicofx midi tool in action

The musicofx midi tool connects to Logic, Reason, SONAR, GarageBand and more!

musicofx midi tool OS X

OS X folk, get your midi tool here. It automatically creates virtual midi ports through which you can connect to your music apps -- how cool is that?!

Click this link to download the OSX midi tool.

musicofx midi tool Windows

Windows folk, get your midi tool here. You might want to get virtual MIDI cables first -- try MapleVNC (free) to connect to apps on your computer (as opposed to external MIDI devices.)

Click this link to download the Windows midi tool.

You can retrieve your password in the online tab of your instrument.
Simply click "Activate" or "Retrieve Code" under your username.