They play like the real thing.

Valves, keys, tone holes, slides -- they work just like they should. music of expression instruments are great for learning the principles of the instruments.

You can explore at your own pace how the valves change the pitch on TRUMPET, what the alternate fingerings for low F are on Clarinet, and how partials work on a TROMBONE. music of expression instruments make you a better musician.

Saxophone with an optional all-touch control mode -- no blowing required, and it even works with the first generation iTouch! - See a demo of how agile TRUMPET is! (with breath control enabled!)

Good enough for real jamming!

So yeah, you can learn on them... But you can also push them to really express yourself!

You can't fit allthe keys of a clarinet on the iPhone's screen, so we've made smart choices on how to include all the keys you need to easily play what you want. We even added a fingering or two of our own -- but the fingering charts are all included in the manual, which is included in the app!

The interface is lightning quick, the sound engine even quicker. TROMBONE glissandos and flute trills are a cinch. You'll be playing Flight of the Bumblebee and Cherokee in no time. Don't forget to share your performance with your friends! Embed it in a blog or email, even!