Play your best and be heard!

music of expression instruments include a recorder that will record your playing with perfect accuracy. Even the keys you pressed and the settings you fiddled will animate as your performance is played back.

Upload your performances or peruse others' music. The instruments include a performance browser so you can see the best of the best, the latest, or just a random jumble of performances. Listen to them, watch their keys move, learn their tricks, and vote your conscience!

Embed Me.

You can listen and watch performances on your iPhone or iTouch. What's extra-cool about music of expression instruments is that you can listen online on your computer, too!

Our site is the first place you can hear performances. Your instrument includes a login to our forums, and you can browse and vote on performances there at your leisure. But you can also put them in e-mails to your pals, embed them in your blog, or link to them on your online resume. Go for it!