A new dimension in sound creation.

music of expression's unique Visual Synth shows you the sound wave you've created so you can develop an intuition for sound synthesis.

Choose the kind of fundamental wave you want to use: square, saw, or triangle, and then sculpt the overtone series. The resulting wave will appear on the visual synth's interface. As you drag around the overtones, the sound wave will evolve.

There's more. A lot more!!

Why have one when you can have two for twice the nice? Mix and match your custom waves -- detune, put them in harmonies, or fatten your tone in octaves. Mix a pure sine wave with a complicated square wave, or try using two saw waves just out of tune with each other.

And then there's filters. Pour on the reverb to play your alto Saxophone in a church, or your beep-boops in Symphony Hall. Use our low-pass filter to take the edge off a distorted saw wave. Max out the portamento for that droopy effect, sliding from note to note. It's recess at the sonic playground, and the synthesis monkey bars are all yours!